Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Halloween Playlist

Well this month I'm actually going to do something for Halloween. For one, I may venture forth into the public and attend some form of shindig. I may give candy to youngsters. But I've absolutely decided to mark the 2009 Halloween season as the time in my life when I will play horror genre games and not be a complete pussy about it.

So this month I will complete at least these two horror games: Silent Hill 2 and Condemned: Criminal Origin. These are games that come highly recommended and I have always wanted to play through them. I've even attempted to play Silent Hill 2 on several occasions. I've rented it at least twice, and I've owned my own copy for the Xbox for a good 6 months now. I haven't even been able to play past the first encounter with Pyramid Head.

I just get too into horror games, if they're done well. By that I mean if the atmosphere draws me in and I can, subconsciously, for just a moment, believe that the fantasy world I'm playing in is real - and I lose my courage. I make excuses like 'there are better things to do with my time', 'I need to finish this project', etc. But in all honestly I just don't want to have nightmares and be emasculated by such a silly thing as a horror game.

Well this October, bring on the nightmares and emasculation!

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